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Policy Incentives for Implementing Climate Smart Agriculture

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Team Nigeria is made up of four passionate, result-oriented and solution-driven young professionals from different fields, ranging from Animal Science to Forestry, Natural Resources and Food Science and Technology. Our vision is to provide workable ideas on how to successfully unify the differing local and international policies for improved food production and, consequently, contribute to global zero hunger




Agricultural activities have an effect on the climate and the climate also has resulting effects on agricultural productivity. Hence, there is the need for Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) that will improve agricultural productivity and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases at the same time. However, there are several factors that hinder the adoption of CSA among different stakeholders. The major ones being the high initial cost and delay benefits of CSA as well as policy incoherencies among climate change, agricultural development and food security sector. Team Nigeria has developed three policy incentives that are targeted at handling the challenges of high cost, lack of technical know-how and policy incoherence. This includes: 1.Credit - Insurance Policies (CIP) that will enable both large and small-scale farmers to have access to credit facilities and up to 70% insurance in-case of yield loss. 2.Subsidized agroforestry inputs Policy (SAIP) for rural farmers so as to encourage the planting of trees and effective use of land. 3.Incentives for Inter-sector Policy Coherence (ICPC) at the policy bureaucracy level.



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