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We are a diverse group of organic farm enthusiasts, environmental economists, food bloggers, earth sciences and water & waste-water experts. Our vision is to find a solution that fortifies a resilient Circular Food System for the island of Aruba. Tourism accounts for 87.7% of GDP, whilst less than 0.5% comes from the agricultural sector. Relying excessively on international trade for food consumption, 75% is imported, and much ending up at the land-fill. Moving away from this linear import-consume-dispose model while simultaneously protecting our biodiversity, as agriculture, livestock and fisheries are provisioning services by our marine and terrestrial ecosystems is essential. Taking into account a semi-arid climate environment.




To double agriculture productivity by 2030, by implementing a tailored aquaponics solution with an integrated social entrepreneurial model that takes account the specific challenges in a semi-arid island context. We plan to introduce a demo pilot aquaponics system in cooperation with local schools. This allows for the collection of data and provides the opportunity to teach students about circular food systems as well local produce (endemic crops and fisheries). The project is structured as a social enterprise that aims to reach financial sustainability through subscription to produce boxes. Ultimately, Creating a movement for a sharing economy and enhancing cultural values and heritage.



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